Together, we can!

JU News Desk
Published: March 2019

The year 2018 saw Jain (Deemed-to-be University), the leader in higher education, entering into collaborations with several institutions and organisations. The partnerships in different fields will enable our student and faculty communities to have better accessibility to diverse technologies and academic materials.

JAIN-SET collaborates with Autobot India

JAIN School of Engineering & Technology tied-up with Autobot India Pvt. Ltd. The collaboration aims at joint participation in research, design and development of electric vehicles using advanced tools. The association with India’s leading company in electric vehicle design is believed to help students of JAIN-SET in enhancing their knowledge in the field of electric vehicle development.

JAIN -Gartner Inc. collaboration opens new avenues for researchers, students and entrepreneurs

The collaboration of JAIN with Gartner Inc. is designed to fill the gaps in research, teaching and learning by providing access to latest data and statistics on various industrial sectors. The partnership was officially launched at the University’s School of Commerce and Management Studies in January 2018. While the partnership with Gartner would give academic advantages, the Gartner interface will also act as a tool for flipped classrooms. The flipped classroom uses blended-learning approach where classroom teaching is combined with course content engagement outside the classroom through technological platforms. Students can access the content online and practice its application during face-to-face lectures. It provides dual benefit to students as they can access content either in text form or video lectures or both in most cases and then benefit by the guidance on critical issues inside the classroom. The portal will also be used to give students multiple research-based assignments in commerce, business, science and technology domains.

Jain (Deemed-to-be University) and Aptech Ltd. come together to offer dual certification programmes for UG aspirants

JAIN and Aptech Ltd. announced a strategic association to offer dual certification, wherein the students who join JAIN’s degree offerings will also receive a certification from Arena Animation, Aptech Learning’s skill development wing. With this, the programme’s aspirants will complete a University degree qualification and acquire industry-relevant skills, which will enable them to obtain lucrative employments. Aptech Ltd. will use its cutting edge competency evaluation application ‘Creosouls’ to measure Arena students’ skills. Jain (Deemed-to-be University) enters into Collaboration with Yunus Social Business Centre

JAIN partnered with Yunus Social Business Centre to establish the JAIN -Yunus Social Business Centre (JU-YSBC). JAIN-YSBC will function as a part of the JAIN Incubation Centre (JIC) and encompass three different components – Swayam, Nav-Udyog and Social Business Incubator. Swayam will focus on imparting skills to those who are unemployed, Nav-Udyog will mentor entrepreneurs in the field of finance to promote entrepreneurship that has social impact and the Social Business Incubator will provide support required to incubate these companies. An estimated one million people are expected to benefit from this unique initiative.