To score or not to score:

Greeshma Sukumaran
Published: August 2019

“The unique feature of JAIN in terms of students who come for admission is that our admission officers talk to these students or counsel them to understand their interest and to assess if they have chosen a stream of their choice. We spend quality time with them right from the first meeting to understand their patterns and choices. If it is a course chosen due to the pressure of their parents or relatives, we counsel them and talk to parents to make them understand that the student should be given the opportunity to follow their passion. We recommended courses based on their interest,” says Professor Sapthagiri, Chief Administration Officer at JAIN.

“Every student who comes here is viewed as a unique person, irrespective of their scores and choices. We motivate and support the students who come here thinking they have scored low in exams and are left with no option but to choose a particular course. The faculty and staff at JAIN stand by them and make them understand that everybody gets a chance to learn and study what they want to, in spite of their low score or course,” he adds.

The pressure exerted by parents and schools, knowingly or unknowingly, to achieve good grades in examinations has ushered untold suffering, anxiety and heightened stress levels amongst students beginning as early as elementary school. The pressure is so high that experts fear it could pose serious issues, says Denise Clark Pope, a lecturer and the author of Doing School: How we are creating a generation of stressed out, materialistic and miseducated students. Every parent, who had their child sit in any of the exams this year, would have breathed a huge sigh of relief now. While exams always played a crucial role in our society, the obsession with scores seems to be at an all-time high.

It is important that all the students in colleges and universities come out with flying colours. Have faith in them, let them shine in their own way and let’s celebrate every step they make in their life. Learning is not a competition!