The Weekend Blues

Anumeha Verma
Published: July 2018

Conversations about weekend plans can open unexpected floodgates of curious questions and unwanted suggestions

So what are you doing this weekend? Sounds like a casual throw around question or a polite topic of conversation from a friend or an acquaintance on one of those mundane evenings. It can even be considered an apt topic for a group of colleagues unwinding for a few moments away from their work stations. A friendly advice, think before you speak! Chances are that the more casual the tone of questions is, the more dangerous are the waters you are treading. If you are not the type who considers it their sacred duty to fill every weekend with carefully planned activities, your doom is near. And, if you fall in the category of people who do not really feel obliged to visit at least one person who is saved in their mobile’s contact list each weekend, your annihilation is complete.

Please bear in mind whether you need to take a break or not is irrelevant, and so is the fact that neither the people you are visiting might be interested in you, nor your enthusiasm might be sky high at their sight.

If you find yourself in either of two categories mentioned above, a sense of bewilderment, utter disbelief and pity at your plan-less weekend are the foremost emotions you are going to encounter. Sometimes even the beggar at the end of the street might fail to generate empathy in the hearts of people, but a person who has no plans on a weekend has a strange pull on their heartstrings.

Remember, that a weekend-plan has set operational definitions. Spending a day at home curled up on your bean bag, or clipping away at your plants on the balcony does not make it to the glittering list. In case you have been naïve enough to state either of these as your plan, your well-intentioned friends will immediately take you as a case in hand. You are someone who needs help! You will start getting umpteen invitations to dos you do not give a farthing about and a gentle reminder about them as Friday approaches. Soon you will forget what you dread more, Monday or Friday. Wondering who is going to buzz you and who would you end up offending by saying a polite no is not a piece of cake. Understand, after three such negatives, you are still not considered a lost cause. If you think by refusing you are going to get away, it is a utopian dream. For some reason that might even have trumped Freud, rudeness is not a deterrent when people around you are trying to make you ‘weekend sensitised.’ Weekends are the latest fad and people around you are determined to make you take notice. Monday lunch hours are often devoted to discussions of the Saturday and Sunday dos. Woe betide those who decided to stay in and watch their favourite movie on Netflix and get their hands on that P.G. Wodehouse that was teasing them from the bookshelf the whole week. Please do not mention either of the deeds with enthusiasm in front of a group that has just been to that long drive where they stopped at every possible destination on their way. The looks on their faces will be as horrified as when someone uses a swear word in public.

Picture a pretty face, turned your way, with eyes gone round in surprise, asking you, “You did nothing?” Especially, refrain from posting your Netflix and book filled weekend on your social media as well. Imagine how your status update will look on Facebook next to your friend’s post riding an elephant with his or her entire family when you type, “Read P.G. Wodehouse’s, A Pelican at Blandings this weekend”, or “Removed all the dried leaves from my favourite Begonia plant.” You won’t even have a decent picture to post with it as you in pyjamas with a book or a pair of clippers might never look as cute as Katrina or as happening as Ranbir.

What is the takeaway? Please become a bit crafty while answering, so as to not scandalize your weekend-plan loving pals. Tell them you have dinner plans or you are taking a pottery making class. In case an outright lie is too much for you, have the decency to look suitably ashamed and accept their pity with grace when they sigh on your plan-less weekend.

 - Anumeha Verma is at present working with Jain University and believes that strategic communication plays a major role in solving development issues.