Six things to avoid on the track to success

Prasanth Aby Thomas
Published: August 2014

Taking decisions to do things that would improve your life is fantastic – if you are the sort of person who would remain dedicated and stick to decisions. For the most of us, being true to resolutions is often an uphill task. Is there an easier way? Yes, say experts. It is easier to not do things than to do them. So here are ten things you can stop yourself from doing to improve yourself.


  • Limit spending on material things

Today’s world is filled with temptations for the consumer. We are overburdened with products and advertisements. As businesses, it is their need to sell products and so they tempt consumers with offers, taunts and bargains. But as individuals who want to improve ourselves, it is our decision to reject these temptations.

  • Stop pretending that your life is more awesome than it really is

There has never been a more significant time to make this point clear. Social media is full of these ‘Wannabes’, posting photos and posts just to make others think that they are having the time of their lives. Why do we need to do that? Why do we need to make others think that we are cool? Do not depend on impressing others for your happiness. Be honest.

  • Stop fearing the word ‘Yes’

In management training sessions, an often heard motto is ‘know when to say NO’. Here I say, there are times when we need to say ‘Yes’ as well. A number of people wish to do a lot of things, but are afraid to say, ‘Yes I want to do it’. It might be that they are tormented by fear of failure, or it could be the societal pressures forcing them to confine themselves to certain roles. Whatever it is, to be happy in life, we need to let go of the fear to say ‘YES’!

  • Avoid regretting

We all fail in life sometime or the other, it is the basic nature of human beings to be imperfect and failures are part and parcel of life. What we need to know is that there is no benefit in regretting what we lost or don’t have. Let go of things you have lost, look forward to what you can gain.

  • Stop judging others

Every day I come across people who are desperate to judge others, at times for reasons so trivial. One has to remember that every human being in this world has his own problems, worries and insecurities, and each of them is unique in his/her own way. It is important to accept that there are people in this world who may not think and act the way you are used to.

  • Stop trying to be ‘Perfect’

It is humanly impossible to be perfect all the time. Modern corporate culture might want you to think otherwise, but it is absolute madness to believe that you are give your 100 percent each time you do something. So try to do well, but accept imperfections at times.