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Published: May 2016




NCC holds a great belief in the adage that a healthy body harbours a healthy mind and it provides you with the complete package. Physical fitness is given special attention. Training in physical fitness, drills, shooting, map reading, first aid, gliding and flying, boat pulling, camp trainings, trekking, expeditions Drill, shooting and a number of such activities are a part of the training at the NCC Wing of Jain University. It helps cadets develop both physical agility and mental acumen, besides becoming a training ground for those who intend to join the Armed Forces of India after finishing their years at NCC.


In order to contribute towards the growth of something, it is very important to have a sense of ownership as well as belonging. The most positive contributions towards one’s community come from a sense of belonging. NCC undoubtedly plays a huge role in building this. It encourages team-work and comradery amongst its cadets. The activities that the cadets engage in has a lot to do with it. Says Keerthana, “It is like being a part of a big family, where your family members know your strengths and weaknesses and accept you as you are.” The chirpy cadet shared that she has made several friends and has become better at people skills after joining NCC. “It helped me understand that being heard is not the only thing that is important, it is also about listening carefully.”

The various activities of NCC is really good for the introverts. They cannot help but open up in order to effectively perform the assigned tasks. Once the initial inhibitions are shed, they revel in being part of a large group which is engaged in constructive pursuits. Aryan Singh agrees. “I never thought I could be a part of something that would make me feel so much at home. But NCC does it for you automatically. By becoming a part of the Corps you begin to relate to people and society in a completely different way.”

The various National Integration Camps organized by NCC every year plays a vital role in creating this sense of oneness in a country of diversities. Several cadets from Jain University take part in these camps which helps them to develop cultural sensitivity and mingle with youngsters from different states of India. Cadet Jadhavi, who took part in one such camp in 2013 felt that it was one of the most memorable experiences of her life. “Right from Yoga in the morning to practice for cultural performances, there was something to learn every minute and new people to meet.” The National Integration Camps combine fitness and discipline through activities such as yoga, parades and drills.


Hard work never goes unrecognised. Both the Boys’ and Girls’ Wing of NCC has won several accolades over the years. First as a college and then as a University, the NCC Wings of the University have continued to bag the Best Institution Award. The credit of course goes to Dr Arvind Kumar and Dr. Rekha Sinha and the hardworking cadets.

The cadets of 2A/5 Company, 7 Kar Battalion NCC and from Jain University have made the institution proud by being a part of prestigious contingents to various foreign countries among other achievements. In 2013 Cdt. Manoj Prakash became a part of the Youth Exchange Programme between India and Singapore. Several other cadets such as Aryan Singh and others have followed suit by representing India in countries such as Russia. There are very few cadets from all over India that achieve such honours.

Republic Day Camps (RDCs) is another areas where the perseverance and hard work of cadets have brought them laurels. It is a dream of every cadet to be a part of RDCs and several cadets from the University have made it come true. In some of the most recent achievements Cadets Jerry Blaize and Nikhil Julka from Jain University’s NCC blazed their way to the All India Republic Day Camp, whereby the former was a participant in the Prime Minister’s Rally contingent and the latter a part of the central Cultural Team which performed for the President.

Not to be left far behind, the girl cadets have excelled in various camps, sports and cultural programmes over the years. CPL Shishira, a cadet from the University was one of the two cadets who were selected to participate in Slithering at New Delhi in the RDC of 2009. Her successors have kept the glory alive with their enthusiasm and dedication. Navya, Keerthana, Nandini and Harshitha represented Bangalore in RDC intergroup competition in 2014. Besides, CQMS Dolly R got selected for PRE-IGC RDC adding another feather to the cap. The girls also attended various Thal Sainik Camps (TSC) successfully.
While camps and social service has been a ground where cadets from the University have served diligently, many have also gone to serve in the armed forces of India. It was a proud day for the University when Siddhartha Hegde got commissioned into the 21st Grenadiers Regiment after graduating from the Indian Military Academy. This was followed by another triumph when CSUO Shreyas GS got commissioned in the Armed Forces in 2012 followed by Sgt Ganesh Kumar in the same year.

These are just a few glimpses into the successes and milestones that NCC Wing of Jain University has achieved. Even as accolades pour in from various destinations, the ANOs and cadets are not people who rest on their laurels. They continue to work harder than ever before to reach still greater heights.


Developing a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth is the motto of NCC. All three are required to alleviate and solve problems faced by the community at large. Outreach activities and community engagement are two things that is extensively undertaken under the banner of NCC.

Being responsible citizens is not enough, spreading awareness in those around you is equally required and the cadets of Jain University’s NCC Wing have been donning this mantle with a panache. Dedicated to the cause of the society, they have undertaken several activities to create awareness on a variety of issues. Both the Boys and Girls Wings have done their fair share in ensuring that the earth becomes a better place to live in. “NCC is not just about building character, it is also about etching out a character that stands apart. Our cadets do not believe in criticizing the system but becoming a part of it to make it better,” says Capt. Rekha Sinha.

Dr. Arvind, the ANO for Boys’ Wing is also of similar view. “The activities that our cadets undertake throughout the year are meant to benefit the society in several ways. It also prepares our cadets to become better people.”


bikingOne of the most common methods that the cadets of Jain University have so far used to spread awareness and messages relevant to the society are biking expeditions. Both Boys and Girls Wing of NCC have used these as a tool for various purposes. One of the recent ones undertaken by the cadets of 2A/5 Company, 7 Kar Battalion NCC of Jain University was to spread awareness on conservation of wildlife. Everyone agrees that growth of anthropogenic activities has severely endangered wildlife. Habitats that were once a preserve of the wild beasts have now become grounds for human activities. 11 cadets of NCC, including one ANO and one NCO undertook a 650 km ride to Nagarhole National Park. During the expedition, the cadets stopped to interact with people and made them aware of the ill-effects of a dwindling wildlife. This expedition also gave cadets an opportunity to explore lifestyles and food-habits of the tribal population of Nagarhole and other areas. They also got an insight into the problems faced by the tribal population.

While the boys of NCC contributed to the wildlife through their expedition, the Girls’ Wing created a record with their undertaking. In one of the first attempts of its kind under the Karnataka-Goa Battalion the girl cadets undertook a bike expedition from JC Road in Bangalore to Hoskote. Seven cadets along with ANO Captain Rekha Sinha took the adventurous trip and gave the message of keeping the environment clean and preventing infanticide. The cadets interacted with the children of Nagadenahalli Government School in the village and completed the planned trek to Horseley Hills, Chittor in Andhra Pradesh successfully during the expedition.


Drug abuse is another issue against which the NCC cadets took up cudgels. Cadets of 1/9 Coy, 9 Kar BN NCC organized an awareness campaign against drug abuse. With the motto, ‘Drug Free is the Way to Be’. Under the aegis of the campaign, the cadets distributed pamphlets and talked to people about various ill effects of drug abuse. The cadets motivated more than 100 students from School of Graduate Studies to become a part of the process.


The girl cadets of NCC Wing of Jain University got engaged with various activities at Samarthanam Trust. The trust runs a blind school and the cadets studied the life style of these differently abled children. They were from different age groups. They taught the children how to use computers and gave them tips to prepare for their respective examinations as well. Every cadet got an opportunity to both teach and learn. They learnt a valuable lesson on how these children push the limitations and make their achievements count.
Clean Indian


The Swachh Bharat Campaign has found favour with a number of civic bodies and citizens alike. The cadets of 2A/5 Company, 7 Kar Battalion NCC from Jain University did their own bit by spreading the message of cleanliness across the country.

A team of eleven members undertook an adventurous journey of 42,000 kilometres covering various parts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The team interacted with people in the different states and created awareness on the significance of cleanliness and how it can help fight health hazards as well as pollution. The triumphant team returned to the campus to a grand welcome.