Service, Honour and Spirit of Adventure

JU News Desk
Published: May 2016

Pride, honour, discipline, determination, patriotism and service, National Cadet Corps (NCC) encapsulates all these and much more. NCC is perhaps one of the few platforms where Army, Airforce and Navy, all come together to hone the youth of India for a brighter and better future. Jain University has a proud tradition when it comes to churning out some of the best NCC Cadets in the country.

They offer a disciplined salute before entering the room and walk with an air of surety which is surprising in the ones who are still in their late teen years. Fearless, smart and articulate, they wow you with their passion and vision for future. These young boys and girls displaying a determination beyond their years belong to the 2A/5 Company, 7 Kar Battalion NCC and 9/1 Coy Karnataka Battalion, NCC respectively operating at Jain University. They have pride in their nation and stars in their eyes and they want to reach for nothing less than the skies.

Ever since its inception, the NCC Wings of the University have achieved legendary feats. The journey of NCC at Jain University began when it was still a budding college. In 1996, the wing for the boys was established while 2002 witnessed the establishment of the girl’s wing. Ever since, both the wings have won several laurels and helped to shape youngsters into responsible citizens with a clarity of vision for their future.


The Boys Wing of NCC functions with the credo, ‘The Pain of Discipline and going that extra step is much easier to bear than the Pain of Defeat.’ Managed by Dr. Arvind Kumar, the 2A/5 Company, 7 Kar Battalion NCC has received enthusiastic response from the students ever since its initial years. In the words of Dr. Arvind, “In living up to its credo, the NCC division of the University strives to be and is one of the greatest cohesive forces of the University, bringing together the youth and moulding them into united, secular and disciplined citizens of the nation.”

Every year the rigour and unifying force of NCC help students to enhance their levels of tolerance, instils in them the values of brotherhood and most importantly, teaches them to believe in their dreams. The young men who have joined it swear by its sheer capacity to change them beyond their own expectations.

cover-qAryan Singh is one of the students of the University who has performed exceptionally well in NCC and has several credits under his belt. The transformation that he underwent in NCC has changed his life for the better in so many ways, that it is difficult for Aryan to comprehend what he would have done without being a part of it. Before joining NCC he used to be over dependent. “I could barely manage my life. In fact when I got selected for NCC I was 90 kgs. And, my time management was not at all what it should be.” It is difficult to give credence to this statement when one sees the tall lean person sitting and chatting in front of you today but Aryan shares that is what becoming a part of this great tradition has done for him. “I can manage both my life and the people in a much better fashion today. Besides I have made several friends.” Aryan was one of the cadets who represented India in Russia during the Youth Exchange Programme. Since 2003, Indian cadets have been visiting Russia as a part of the Youth Exchange Programme. They are hosted by various parts of the country and are meant to strengthen the bonds between the two countries. Only a few candidates are fortunate enough to be accepted for these. Out of about 1,75,000 about a 100 get selected for this honour. Written test, interviews, drills and rigorous physical tests govern the selection for this programme. Aryan claims that the exposure was just too great to be missed. “It was a month like no other that I had ever lived. And, more than anything it was an opportunity to understand a cultural setting which is totally different from our own.” The Youth Exchange Programme gave selected cadets an opportunity to visit historic places and bond with their Russian counterparts. “We were given a guard of honour on arrival and the warm hospitality that we received there totally bowled us over.” Aryan has also been a part of the Republic Day Parade and shares that the entire experience in NCC till now has been exhilarating. As he puts it, “The transformation was hard, it was an emotional time for me but it was totally worth it.”

Grooming youngsters has always been one of the biggest contributions of NCC. It provides the cadets with a sense of self-worth, an essential attribute to achieve success in life. It helps them identify who they are and test at an early stage their physical and mental abilities. It grounds them in their own realities, instils in them a will to push their own boundaries and also trains them to succeed in doing so. Perhaps, it accounts for the reason that those who come in its fold can barely ever leave.

nccSays Blaise, another cadet, pursuing commerce at Jain University, “I got enrolled in NCC in 2013 and I have never once dreamt of leaving it. NCC has helped me shape my life in a way that I had never imagined.” Blaise was inspired to join NCC because he dreams of an exemplary career in the Armed Forces just like his parents. The olive green of the uniform fascinated him right from his childhood. So, joining NCC came as a natural choice for this young man.

He feels that he has been given several opportunities as a part of Jain University’s NCC Wing. “I have represented India in Russia as a part of the Youth Exchange Programme. It was one of the most memorable experiences.” Blaise who is passionated about horses and plays polo is a lover of adventure and his country and NCC has given him a platform to pursue both. Several other adventurous spirits like Blaise strike a chord with the practices of NCC.

ncc2Whether it is easy or difficult to tackle, everyone undergoes a transformative process under NCC. Nearly every cadet swears that it is a life changing experience. Akshay Rajpurohit, also a student of Jain University and a cadet of NCC shares that it has definitely made him more responsible and made him grow up in ways that he had never imagined. “I was just another youngster going through the motions of life earlier. Terms such as discipline, responsibility and schedule entered my dictionary after I joined NCC. Today, I am a sportsman, an active member of the community and even other people look at me differently.” This youngster has learnt the value of managing his time well and utilising every moment in his life optimally. More than anything else, he has become self-reliant. “Camps that we attend play a very significant role in moulding us at NCC. We cook and clean on our own, while following very strictly defined schedules. It helps us to understand our own limitations and overcome our weak spots.”

Different talents find space at NCC. Pawan Harish became a part of NCC after joining the University. “During the first year of my studies here, I went in for a presentation being made by NCC. I found it extremely motivating. I felt right away that this is the place I want to be in.” Pawan today recalls his old-self before he joined NCC and finds he used to be a very different person. “I was an introvert. Talking to people used to feel like a monumental task. Besides, my academic record was really not that great.” Being a part of the Corps has helped him overcome his fear of speaking in the public. He is a distinction holder in the University and is a confident person in his own right.

Besides becoming confident and capable of handling their lives, juggling its many facades and coming on top of everything, NCC also teaches another valuable lesson to its cadets, a sense of comradery. All the cadets are united in their belief, that being a part of NCC has created a feeling of belongingness in them. Says Blaise, “I have made friends for life here. Surviving the camps, taking up community activities together, learning from the seniors, teaching the juniors, it creates a shared experience that is like no other.”