Saviskara – The Power of Science Prevails

JU News Desk
Published: April 2015

The Science Exhibition organised by School of Graduate Studies celebrates Science and its wonders

saviskara1Inhabiting the world of Science is akin to living in the realm of wonders supported by very much verifiable facts and these wonders of science manifested themselves at Saviskara 2014, the Inter-State Science Exhibition organised by the School of Graduate Studies, Jain University. Saviskara was innovatively named by the organisers. Its meaning in Sanskrit is a display of power or talent of any sort. And, the Inter-State exhibition was a true display of the power of Science in the form of static and working models from various disciplines of science.

With the campus of SGS abuzz, 19 teams from more than 10 prestigious institutions displayed their models and knowledge of the workings of science. Some of the institutions that took part in the exhibition apart from Jain University included Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni Science College for Women, NIE First Grade College (Mysore), National College, MES College, Kristu Jayanti College, Dayananda Sagar College, Idea Institute of Interior Design, Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology and Mount Carmel College.

How do you calculate the velocity of air, what are the techniques used to establish forensic proofs, how the science of atmospheric pressure works and how does our genetic imprints can tell a story about us- these and many more questions were answered through the models on display and the students who had painstakingly created them. A balance of the basic and applied branches of science was seen in the exhibition giving an overall picture of what Science is and what it has progressed to over the years.

Life Sciences also had an interesting display of the technique called Dermatoglyphics which is the the study of skin markings or patterns on fingers, hands, and feet, and its application, especially in criminology.

In fact, the models by the Department of Forensic Science of Jain University hogged the limelight with people clamouring around it to know about the techniques used in Forensics to establish various facts. On display were a crime scene, techniques used to get the imprints of tyres, gathering finger prints and other minute details that prove to be invaluable in the investigation of crimes.

Regulars such as Doppler Effect and principles by which a rocket is propelled, all formed a part of the deal at Saviskara. The exhibition provided impetus to participating students to apply theoretical principles into making models and simplifying their explanations to serve the students and scholars of science as well as those from non-science backgrounds. It was an important breakthrough to get the budding scientists to rejuvenate their interest in various branches of science. The organisers reiterated that they would keep on organising such events for creating a better understanding of science and its underlying principles. The exhibition was a celebration of inventions and discoveries made ages ago and went on to lay the foundation of science as well as the latest technologies that have propelled the world into an altogether new era.