Pushpakayaana — A beautiful adaptation of Valmiki Ramayana

JU News Desk
Published: March 2019

Pushpakayaana was a dance drama production based on Valmiki’s Ramayana; the story as recollected by Rama and Sita on their journey back from Lanka to Ayodhya. This was presented by the final year students of Master of Arts (Dance), Department of Performing Arts – Music and Dance, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) on November 9, 2018. The show was organised as part of the awards ceremony of the degree of Masters in Performing Arts- Bharatanatyam.

Conceptualised and composed by the students of MA-Dance, the recital was scripted by Mr. Ganesh Koppalathota and ably supported by Mr. Debur Srivatsa (Vocal), Mr. DV Prasanna Kumar (Rhythm Pads and Percussion effects), Mr. Srihari Rangaswamy (Mridangam), Mr. Mahesh Swamy (Flute) and Mrs. Suma Rani (Sitar).

The choice of clothing, dance, music and colours stayed true to the original in the presentation. The highlight of the production was the depiction of characters that showed immense effort by the students in their research to provide a befitting aesthetic experience. Samudraraaja (The King of the Waters), Jataayu (The King of Birds), the golden deer, Ravana (the antagonist), Shabari (the saint), Shoorpanakha (the wicked demon with magical powers) were some of the characters prominently portrayed in the production.

Pushpakayaana was the ninth dance drama production of the department and was well appreciated by scholars, exponents and art connoisseurs.