Promoting Health

JU News Desk
Published: May 2016

Students from the Department of Life Sciences organized a Health Check- Up Camp at the School of Graduate Studies

Health became a major topic of discussion of the School of Graduate Studies, Jain University with the students from the Department of Life Sciences coming together to organize a preliminary health camp for non-teaching staff. With the fast paced lifestyles, health has become a matter of concern more than ever before. If people are aware of general parameters of health and are able to monitor them continuously, it can be prevent a lot of health issues from cropping up.

Planning was a crucial part of the entire exercise undertaken by the students under the guidance of Dr. Shanthi Iyer, Centre Head, School of Graduate Studies. The students from Department of Life Sciences underwent a specialised training before undertaking health check-up for staff and students.

health-qThe parameters chosen to be evaluated aimed at assessing the general health conditions of the individuals undergoing health check. One of the first thing that was measured was the Body Mass Index or BMI of the individuals. It entailed measuring their heights and weight. BMI is indicative of metabolic activities of a person and is a standard procedure used to determine whether he or she is underweight, overweight, obese or ideal.

Next on the target list in the health camp was determining blood groups. The students also spread awareness about the significance of knowing one’s own blood group. The findings were incorporated in a database for further use.

Moving on from Blood Groups, attention was focused on blood sugar levels. An unbalance in the blood sugar levels can cause a number of health related problems and it is often something which is ignored by people until symptoms begin to manifest itself. Diabetes is often known as a silent killer. But, the blood sugar levels should be checked at regular intervals. At the camp, it was tested randomly, for fasting and post prandial. All the standard procedures were followed while the check-up. Blood-pressure, one of the most significant indicators of a person’s cardiac health was also checked up during the camp.

The camp successfully catered to about 70 staff members from the non-teaching community. Many of them were undergoing a blood check-up for the very first time and made a commitment to undergo routine check-ups. Dr. Ashwini and Dr. Vijalakshmi P. were two of the faculty members under whom the students effectively managed the camps, finding out important medical results which can be used by those who participared in the camp in the future too.