Noteworthy Gadgets of 2015

JU News Desk
Published: November 2016

Every year the tech savvy look forward to new gadgets and the year gone by did not disappoint with its offerings.

Notifications at a single touch, ease of organisation, indulgence, gadgets in 2015 had a lot to offer to those conscious about being technically equipped. Here are a few of these that created ripples and hogged the limelight in 2015.

#Cube – Display your pictures real time

cubeDigital photo frames came to the market a few years back. #Cube has taken it to another level. How? Through its real time features and its connection to Instagram. Instagram became a hit with those who worship at the altar of visuals. Used by millions of users to upload and share photographs, it offers several features. The latest entrant to the market #Cube is a digital photo frame, shaped to look like the Instagram app and allows users to hook up with their Instagram accounts to create a display. It has a square 8 inch screen and gives a bright display. It uses Wi-Fi to update pictures. The touch screen allows you to scroll the pictures, read information and descriptions if any. Setting it up is easy. All a user has to do is to connect to the Wi-Fi using the touch screen and then log into their Instagram account. This digital frame also allows you to see latest feeds and the most popular feeds. Besides, you can also search for a particular user’s photo. So every time you or your friends update a photo it automatically becomes a part of the display, considering that the Wi-Fi is on.

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K – Shoot while Flying

typhoonBirds flying in the sky caught the imagination of man and the result was aircrafts. Well, miniature drones zooming through the air are another fascinating population that have appealed to the sensibilities of flying enthusiasts. Drones are complicated and expensive but that seldom puts off the real buffs. And the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K seems worthy of its price. A feature that has added to the popularity of drones is their ability to shoot photos and videos. This drone is slightly slower than its counterparts available in the market but it can be a good buy for those who are purchasing their first drone. It is easy to set up and get used to and comes with less complications. Kitted up to shoot 4K videos, it comes with a CGO steady grip. The controller comes with an Android screen and the controls are simple and easy to understand. The touch screen responds well adding to the ease of usage. The images are about 12 megapixels and the quality is actually good.

Kindle Paperwhite – The e-reading experience gets better

kindleThe latest from the world of Kindle is here and better than ever before. So what is different in this Kindle than its predecessors? It differs in the feel and experience. Outwardly not much has changed. The back is encased in soft-touch plastic and the front is a shade darker than the previous generation. But, the 6 inch screen is where it scores points. The earlier Kindle had 300 pixels per inch (PPI). This new version has 88 more pixels than that per inch, making the text sharper and clearer. The backlight light is what makes the paper look white. It is adjustable and can be set at the desired level depending on the availability of light through 24 levels. This Kindle weighs less and is about 350g making it easier to carry around and can store up to 4GB of data. With a battery life of 21 reading hours that its makers claim, it is a gadget worth investing in for those who want the e-reader experience. It is easy to use and would not be difficult for those who are not familiar with an e-reader to operate. It comes with a single button at the bottom for power. For the rest of the functions, you have to go to the touch screen as is the case for every smart device today. It also has a built in Wi-Fi to provide seamless connectivity and can load.

Melo Mind – Manage your stress

meloStress is one of the biggest lifestyle issues that everyone is facing today. The fast paced life leaves little time to relax. But, guess what with Melo Mind, you really do not need to go out in the garden to smell the roses. In case you are still wondering what is it, it is a headset and app that can be used as a stress management device. Developed by myBrain Technologies, the headset might be a bit tricky to get used to but is not too cumbersome. The headset uses Bluetooth to connect to an app for iOS and Android. It produces sessions from 3-15 minutes comprising music for relaxation after analysing brain waves. The device tracks the electronic activity of the brain based on similar principles as an EEG. The user needs to don the headset and plug in the earphone to their phone sets and open the app for it to start working. Once you don the headset, the app would ask you to relax. The sensors in the headset track the brain’s activity and deduct the user’s state of mind. Then it chooses the music that can induce relaxation. The device emanates two types of music called Relaxed and Distractor. Its makers claim that the neuro feedback technology that it uses, can train the brain to manage stress in a better way in the long term with continued usage. As of now, the device is available on order at the website.

The Apple Watch – The much awaited smartwatch

appleApple has always been more about a lifestyle than merely possessing a gadget and the marketing of Apple Watch reinforces that. The marketing mantra being used is “Apple watch isn’t something you wear. It is an essential part of who you are.” Coming back to the Watch, it came to us in 2015 and has definitely been high in demand if one goes by the fact that Apple is claiming that it has sold more than 7 million units and still counting. Released in April, this latest must have gadget from Apple weighs 50gms and operates on OS1.0. Unlike some of the recently launched round smartwatches, it is rectangular with rounded corners and is available in two sizes, 38mm and 42 mm. This includes sports bands, woven nylons, classic buckle, melanese loop and link bracelets in various colours. It comes with an 8GB storage. The gizmo helps its users in receiving immediate e-mail notifications, organize their calendar and a number of features and apps. One of the advantages of most wearable gadgets iS tracking one’s movement and the Apple Watch does come with a gyroscope.