Living the Dream

JU News Desk
Published: February 2018

Abhiskek R., an alumni of Jain University fulfills his dreams of being a part of the Indian Army

He was all attention as 322 cadets standing behind him waited to follow his lead. Academy under Officer (AUO), Abhishek R., was commanding the cadets from the Officer’s Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai at the passing out parade held in the month of September 2017. He was a student of Bachelor of Business Management at the University.

It was a momentous day for him.Not only was he commanding the parade but he was also awarded the coveted Sword of Honour and Gold Medal based on the Order of Merit. Abhiskek, a former student of Jain University and a cadet of the e 2A/5 Coy NCC of 7 Kar Battalion had dreamt of this day ever since his childhood.

He lead the cadets from Parmeshwaran Drill Square in a flawless display of discipline and coordination to mark the completion of their training at the majestic 500 acre campus of the OTA as Lieutenant General PM Hariz, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command, reviewed the parade.

Abhishek, now a Lieutenant, became a part of NCC during his school days. “I was always taking part in outdoor activities and joining NCC seemed to be the ideal choice for me.” On the verge of completing his high school, he was looking for an institution with the best NCC and came across Jain College.

Once he learnt about the NCC’s track record at the institution, the deal was sealed for him. The institution made an impact on this aspiring youngster and after completing his pre-university, he decided to join BBM at Jain University.

While at school, he developed an interest in the Army. His initial attractions took a more concrete shape at Jain University as he understood the wider connotations of being a soldier and the noble attributes attached to it. As a part of the NCC, Abhishek took part in National level camps such as the RDC and also went to Bangladesh and other countries as a part of the Youth Exchange programme. At these camps and programmes, he got the opportunity to interact with army officers and understand their lives at close quarters. “Apart from the opportunities to take part in a number of activities and providing me lessons for life, being at NCC also helped me develop the qualities required to become an Officer.”

Abhishek prepared for the CDS exams while pursuing BBM using every ounce of training and discipline from his NCC years. Even though he qualified at CDS, he chose to avail the NCC entry and crossed all hurdles successfully to reach the OTA. Once, at OTA this gentleman officer never looked back. “The best parts at OTA were no mobiles and tons of physical activities.”

A typical day at OTA begins at 4:30 am in the morning. It is a combination of academic and theory classes along with physical exercises and a healthy dose of recreational activities to keep both the mind and body agile. “Every single day in Academy is very dynamic. You are constantly learning something new or doing something for your physical and mental fitness.”

Being in the Army inspires this outdoor enthusiast due to the very things that others might find difficult to cope with. “Life in the Army is filled with a lot of values and discipline. To top it all it is a noble service and your decisions have a wide-reaching impact. I do not think any other job would have given me the same level of satisfaction.”

Abhishek has chosen the Special Forces as his destination which means three more months of rigorous training before he sees action. “During these three months we would be put through the paces and will have to cope with different scenarios that challenge our physical and mental toughness.”

Parents have been a huge source of inspiration for this first generation officer. Abhishek’s father is a consultant in the field of disability development and travels all over the world. “My father is a hard-worker with very strong values. He believes in what he does.” While his grit and determination to follow his dreams is influenced by his father, he credits his late mother for providing him with the spiritual grounding. “She used to take me to Sunday school by Rramkrishna Math every week. It provided me with a cultural and spiritual grounding, which has assisted me in all my endeavours.”

Abhishek R. is the 27th Officer to be commissioned from Jain University’s NCC Wing. Also, he is the second student who has received the Sword of Honour, a rare feat for any of the NCC battalion. “We were trained with the same vigor and discipline that the very first batch of NCC cadets were trained. The training we were provided here has gone a long way in fulfilling our dreams” says the soldier. He credits Maj Arvind, the ANO for 2A/5 Coy NCC of 7 Kar Battalion for encouraging the students at every step and providing them with unflinching support.