JUiNNOVATE Showcases Innovative Ideas

Anumeha Verma
Published: February 2018

New business ideas float at the day event

The Jain University Incubation Center (JUIC) organized JUiNNOVATE, a platform to demonstrate innovative products in the technology and non-tech domains from corporates, startups, entrepreneurs, scientists and students across India.

The programme was inaugurated by Dr. N. Sundararajan, Vice Chancellor, Jain University. He gave an overview of how the Centre has been promoted by JGI since its inception. Dr. Nayaz, COO, JUiNCUBATOR spoke about the activities carried out by JUiNCUBATOR and its impact on the startup community.
Five presenters showcased their inventions/products. The first presenter was Mr. Manas Mallik, Co-Founder, Zicly Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He introduced his product, Smart Lock, an app that can lock/unlock through the communication of inaudible sound between the lock and the phone. He also demonstrated Second Screen, a product that leverages the capacity of speakers and the mic in phones.

The second innovator was Mr. Devesh Singh, Co-Founder, Causekey Social. His innovative solution creates customized campaigns funded and planned as per those who wish to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries by making donations that help the needy. With organizations misusing donations and getting involved in controversies, people these days are hesitant to contribute towards social development. With others, although, they are willing to bring change to society, they also need to know if their contributions are being put to good use or being used for a said cause. Mr. Singh’s venture brings in transparency, accountability and efficient utilization of resources.

Mr. Sree Ganesh, pursuing his 12th from ASC Independent PU College, was the third presenter. His device, Froven, he said would be a game changer in the market as it can be used for cooling in refrigerators as well as heating in ovens. Hence, the name Froven. The working of this gadget is based on the Peltier element. With this device, one can achieve optimum heating and cooling using minimal energy.

The next presenters were Team Inferno. The group of students from Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology had developed a prototype of a super mileage car which delivers a mileage of 240 km per litre. The team of 11 engineering students from different branches of engineering began brainstorming over this project since September 2016. The actual work on the car began in February. Project Drona can accommodate one person, as of now. The mileage is achieved with a modified Honda engine, aluminium chassis, electronic fuel injection, aerodynamic design, direct transmission and other factors. The prototype has been developed keeping in mind the Eco Marathon Competition, which is held by Shell in different countries. Groups of students participate in the competition every year.

The last presenter, Mr. Karthi Kittu, Co-Founder of Passionconnect, spoke about his startup which was incubated at JUiNCUBATOR. He explained that his venture was a one-of-a-kind platform for those who want to do what they want professionally and at the same time, follow their dreams. Not only were there live demonstrations, the participants also got to know about the various technologies and their application in real-world products.

 - Anumeha Verma is at present working with Jain University and believes that strategic communication plays a major role in solving development issues.