Jain University Celebrates World IP Day

JU News Desk
Published: December 2014

Idea Contest 2014 marks the World IP Day at Jain University

Idea Contest 2014 marks the World IP Day at Jain UniversityThe inspirational works of man since the dawn of civilization has given the world a plethora of ways to celebrate life. A phenomena of bringing something new into being, requires passion and commitment. Yet, results of such fruits of mental labour are also prone to plagiarism. Fortunately, our legal system provides certain rights and protections for owners of such intellectual property. The rights and protections for owners of intellectual property are based on patent, trademark and copyright laws.

To promote such safeguards, 26th April, is celebrated as the World IP day the world over. The event dates back to year 2000, when the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva and other member countries founded this celebration day. On the same day in 1970, WIPO convention had originally entered into force. In order to create awareness among the people, every year it has new themes reflecting on the eminence of creativity and innovation in our societies.

Supporting the cause and to celebrate the contributions of innovators and creators in the development of societies, Jain University celebrated World IP day on April 26, 2014. The day began with opening comments by Dr. S Ramamurthy, Professor, CET on the objective behind organizing the event. Speaking on the subject he said the main motive was to motivate students and teachers to think in an innovative way and come out with novel ideas which can result in products or process patents. Dr. N Sundararajan, Vice Chancellor, Jain University, asserted University’s research initiatives, with over 20 patent applications and many more in pipeline. He stressed on expanding the concept of the Idea Competition in the near future and the need to bring IP culture in the University and added that some of the prize winning ideas should be applied for patents. Prof. Sridhara Murthi, Aerospace department, highlighted the importance of IP day and emphasized on aspects that promote creativity and innovation. He also lauded diverse initiatives at Jain University including definition of a progressive research policy. In the invited talk “IP and Academia”, Ms.Bindu Sharma, CEO, Origiin.com (Origiin IP Solutions LLP) presented simple but interesting inventions of children which had an impact on the society. She enumerated several examples of inventions which were patented. Dr. Krishna Venkatesh, Dean (Research) and Director, SET was also present on the occasion.