JAIN Launches a Sports School

JU News Desk
Published: May 2019

All work and no play definitely makes a child dull and therefore a sound mind and body can only be achieved through sports.

Focusing and achieving only academic excellence in one’s educational phase of life is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when academics were the only imperative in the schooling system. Sports and games which were given minor attention in Indian schools since it was considered just a physical activity, have taken the parallel seat in the front row of the curriculum.

Sport has become a fundamental part of our education system today and all thanks to the fast growing society that has recognised and nurtured the importance of overall development of students. Sports and games, besides physical health help develop confidence, self-esteem, responsibility and mental alertness.

At JAIN, an integrated sports-and-academics programme has been carefully designed with a comprehensive approach towards education, which not only teaches the students to maintain physical endurance, but also the practice of obedience, order, the fortitude to win, strength of mind etc. In order to chase their sporting dream, aspiring students at Jain Group are assured with opportunities to develop their ability to the fullest. Organised sessions with a focused approach, with guidance from coaches in different sports helps students pursue the sport of their choice.

While our academic programmes assist the students with the power of analysis, intellectual development, and professional specialisation, sports education along with academics result in the all-round development of the students.

The Sports School by JAIN is a new and innovative initiative to take this forward. The school, which has a sprawling Campus in Kanakapura, offers international standard sports infrastructure with dedicated programmes across multiple sports streams, under the guidance of prestigious academies and veteran trainers. Our best training facilities also include strength building and conditioning, and rest and recovery methods.

We have partnered with prestigious names such as Rohan Bopanna Tennis Academy (RBTA) for tennis training and Anup Sridhar Badminton Academy (ASBA) for Badminton. Bengaluru FC has collaborated with us as our Football training partners and Centre for Cricketing Excellence associated with Chintamani Sports Association affiliated to Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) is our partner for coaching of the Gentleman’s game. Young Orions Basket Ball Club, affiliated to Karnataka State Basketball Association (KSBA) will lead the Basketball coaching and Matsya Academy affiliated with Karnataka Swimming Association (KSA) will guide our budding swimmers.

While there are numerous career opportunities available for students in sports, they are likely to increase in the coming years. Getting involved in sports from a young age trains one to succeed in whatever they do and helps take losing in the right spirit and spring up gladly. It also teaches fair play and single minded determination, thus strengthening the competitive spirit of the child.

Students at JAIN who plays sports learn three most important values – tolerance, determination and preparation. JAIN has produced many dynamic students who have worked hard towards their ambition, imbibing the attitude of ‘never give up,’ which has enabled them to achieve their aims.
While many educational institutions have focused on sports programmes at the school level, JAIN has gone a step further in etching sports at college, graduation and higher graduation level too.

With the expectancy levels of parents building a pressure point at college level, students are usually burdened with studies and the physical activity takes a back seat. What the parents and students don’t understand is that the physical activity and sports are equally important for them to bring them out of continuous state of anxiety which could easily lead to frustration.

Sports education at the college and graduation level is underestimated by the students for the fact that it is considered as a mere physical activity. What they don’t understand is that sports help them develop a healthier approach towards life and bring about a feeling of competitiveness, which is in the long run good for their professional careers. A survey also states that students who are actively engaged in sports during college days are very less likely attracted to negative lifestyle choices such as drugs and alcohol.

With the arrival of leagues for various sports like cricket, football, hockey and kabaddi in India, sports careers have flourished not only physically but also economically. Along with name and fame, sports have also helped many players financially by increasing their earning capacity considerably, unlocking fresh opportunities.

The sports advisory board at JAIN consists of some of the best names in the country, like Pankaj Advani (World Billiard Champion), Rohan Bopanna (tennis player), Anup Sridhar(Badminton player), Shikha Tandon (National and International Swimmer), Rehan Poncha (Indian International Swimmer), Mayank Agarwal(International Cricket player) and more.

With the realisation of the importance of sports in education, the government is launching many initiatives and measures to promote the same. Ministry of Education is making it certain that by this year-end, the academic syllabus in schools will be reduced to 50 per cent to accommodate a sports period on a compulsory and regular basis. The Ministry is also planning to have 20 specialised sports schools across the country for which the budget is estimated to be 8-12 crores.

Sports education should be a mandatory part of the curriculum at all schools, colleges and educational institutions as it is crucial for the mental, physical and emotional well-being of a person.