IPR Day Celebrated

JU News Desk
Published: May 2016

intellectual property rights are creating worldwide debates. jain university hosts an enlightening discussion on it

Jain University celebrated “World Intellectual Property day 2015” on April 23, 2015.The program began with a warm Welcome Address by Prof.NGR Iyengar,Pro-Vice Chancellor,Jain University, in which he announced that Jain University has filed 15 patent applications and 10 more have been sent to NRDC for filing .

In the illuminating address by Dr. N. Sundar Rajan, Vice chancellor, Jain University, he was happy to say that Jain University is encouraging the IPR activities and also expressed that it is planned to set up an “IPR CELL” to accelerate the patent filings (before the publications) of innovative research outputs of Jain University.

Prof. Sridhara Murthy, Director, IIAEM highlighted the importance of World IPR day 2015. The Chief guest Dr.Y.V.S Lakshmi, Head, Business &IPR, C-DOT gave an inspiring lecture, “Relevance of IPR to Research”, in which she presented various companies which increased their intangible properties by patent business.

As a part of the IPR day celebrations, in order to encourage “out of box” thinking, Jain University conducted “Innovative Idea Contest” for the students and the faculty members. It is planned to convert some of the novel prize winning ideas into patentable product/process. Prizes, along with the certificates were distributed for the winning contestants and all the participants were given participation certificates.

The programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Prof.S.Rama Murthy, Professor & Head-IPR, Centre for Emerging technologies, Jain University. The program was compered by Mrs.Suma Manjunath, Assistant Professor, E&C Department, Jain University.

Workshop on Mathematics

The School of Graduate Studies, Jain University in association with Ramanujan Mathematical Society and Azim Premji University hosted a two day workshop on mathematics. The workshop was a part of the initiatives by the Jain University to strengthen human resources for teaching Mathematics at the school level and promote networking amongst the teachers of mathematics. It was held for teachers in mathematics from 9th to 12th standards. The two day workshop was a joint effort by the faculty from both Ramanujan Mathematical Society (RMS) and Azim Premji University and the Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI).

The workshop became a platform for discussion on methodologies that can be used to teach mathematics more effectively. The participants from different corners of the country shared their experiences on various aspects of teaching mathematics. The sessions were based on High School mathematics resource At Right Angles produced by Azim Premji University and Community Mathematics Centre. This resource is specifically aimed at teachers of mathematics, educators of teachers and students of the subject. At Right Angles is a magazine which focuses on latest developments in the field, provides an opportunity for teachers and students to contribute and to solve problems. The creative lines along which the workshop was envisioned helped it to make a great impact on the participants and they expressed that such workshops should be organised more often.