International Yoga Day Celebrations Reverberate Across JAIN Campuses

JU News Desk
Published: August 2019

While on one hand, modern way of life has made us susceptible to personal and professional strain, the better side of the coin is that people are turning to Yoga as the solution to their stressed lives and have begun to trust holistic healing. Yoga which helps us in creating physical and mental balance in the body is one of the most ancient techniques of managing stress.

Since its inception in the year 2015, The International Day of Yoga is celebrated by the JGI family with great enthusiasm. JGI recognises and emphasises the fact that Yoga is a healthy habit as it aligns the mind, body and soul. Jain (Deemed-to-be University) celebrated the fifth International Yoga Day across its campuses in Bengaluru on June 21, 2019. The events held at various campuses of the university saw a large number of students and staff participate in the activities with great enthusiasm.

Organised in association with the Isha Foundation, the Yoga day event flagged off at the JGI Knowledge Campus, JAIN in Jayanagar at 7.00 am, which saw more than 400 yoga aficionados begin their day with Upa Yoga sessions. Dr. BT Venkatesh – Director, JAIN PU Colleges & Advisor – Examinations, Dr. Vasu B.A – Director, School of Commerce and Mr. Joseph Yoga Instructor took everyone through the session at the campus.

Mr. M Rajendra Prasad, a yoga trainer and enthusiast, having pursued his MSc in Yoga, directed an hour – long workshop for the faculty and students briefing and demonstrating the benefits of Yoga at the School of Sciences campus, JAIN, JC Road. The interesting session stood as a testament to the power of Yoga. Various activities such as breathing exercises, asanas and pranayama were conducted and the workshop helped the novices realise the significance of Yoga and the impact it has on bodily movements.

Considered as a holistic approach to health, Yoga is now classified by the National Institute of Health as a form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Many people see that yoga has a role in optimising performance of physical activities and its regular practice has been associated with many constructive effects in physical health. As Yoga becomes a routine, most individuals have been reported to experience enhanced energy and an improvement in general well-being.

Acknowledging this, International Yoga Day was celebrated by the Center for Management Studies at its campus on Seshadri Road. While Prof. Sunitha BK and Dr. Umakanth addressed the gathering to spread awareness about health and spiritual benefits of yoga, Ms. Smitha, an alumnus of SBMJC and a volunteer at the Isha Foundation who arrived as the Chief Guest for the session talked about various forms of Yoga around the world and how it has sustained to develop in popularity.

At the School of Sciences, Ms. Kavyashree, Ph.D. scholar in the Dept. of Microbiology and a practitioner of Yoga demonstrated Yoga, Pranayama and Dhyana to the faculty, staff and to M.Sc. students. Dr. KN Varalakshmi – Director made a speech to the gathering emphasising on the prominence of well – being and fitness. She also explained how practising Yoga can help us in upholding psychological, physical and spiritual balance.

Regular practice of yoga, in addition to generating psychological clarity and tranquility improves consciousness of the body, gets rid of persistent stress, relaxes the mind and increases focus, attention and concentration. At the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Interior Design, Palace Road campus, the programme started at 8.30 am with the introduction of Yoga Instructor Mr. Rajesh K T, followed by a yoga session. Major. Dr. Rekha Sinha – Director, SHSS & SID and Dr. Vinodh Kumar GC – NSS coordinator present at the session briefed the gathering about the benefits of yoga in daily life.


Yoga trends of 2019

Yoga, a contemporary practice rooted in ancient Indian writings and traditions dating back to over 5000 years, continues to gain popularity worldwide. What started out as a little considered practice has become a mainstream exercise for millions across the globe, for the impressive characteristic that it can be altered to meet the needs of any aspiring practitioner; thus not being considered an extensive physical activity. Yoga is a fusion of things that can help overcome many of the woes and issues of urban life.

Some of the latest trends in Yoga include Floating Yoga, Chair Yoga and Acrobatic Yoga.

Floatation Yoga

Floating seems to have its renaissance after the float cabins piqued interest recently. The practitioners of this therapy use a closed cabin or a pod filled with body-temperature water and with or without music and lights. It is said that floating meditation helps to relieve pain.

Chair Yoga

This is the way to go for beginners and people who have limitations in physical functioning. As its name indicates, Chair Yoga can be practiced while seated on a chair. All one needs to have is a sturdy and comfortable chair.

Acrobatic Yoga

A fusion of acrobatics and yoga, it uses gymnastics techniques to build strength, flexibility, trust and teamwork between partners.

In modern life’s hustle and bustle where individuals are more prone to become anxious and phobic, yoga seems to be the logical solution to nullify their mental stress. Supported by well conducted research, the benefits of yoga do not disappoint and has become a way of life for those who habitually practice it.