Global Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Anumeha Verma
Published: March 2018

LEADER 2017, a business incubation and entrepreneurship workshop for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs was organized recently by CMS Business School, Jain University in association with Ivey Business School, Canada.

The LEADER programme, which is an entrepreneurial development programme began 25 years ago. Present in seven countries, the LEADER’s main objective is to provide entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs with skills that would help where taking decisions are concerned. Other objectives of the programme are providing participants with the analytical tools, thought-process and decision-making skills to tackle complex challenges and identify, analyze and present a plan for a new venture; empowering entrepreneurs to transform ideas into engines for sustainable economic growth and positive social change; and cultivating a network of young innovators who think globally and act locally. There were 28 student participants at the workshop that was conducted by a team of instructors from Ivey Business School. The workshop included lectures; case studies that gave students an insight into the problems faced by entrepreneurs be it financial, operational, marketing and management of people and resources; business plan workshops; and one-on-one coaching sessions.

 - Anumeha Verma is at present working with Jain University and believes that strategic communication plays a major role in solving development issues.