Festivities Galore at Anveshana 2014

JU News Desk
Published: April 2015

Music, Dance and exercise of the grey cells, all come together to create magic at the annual fest

An air of expectancy and festivity pervaded the Knowledge Campus of Jain University as students from the School of Commerce and Management Studies prepared for their annual fest, Anveshana, combining the aesthetics of culture with the practical aspects of Commerce, is an impetus for the students to showcase their talent, creativity and intellect.

The quadrangle in the Knowledge Campus was transformed in a sea of enthusiastic faces as the stage was set for the fest to begin. It kicked off to an inspiring start with an invocation song and a video prepared by the organisers bringing glimpses from the fests organized in the previous years. Dr. Vasu B.A., Director, School of Commerce and Management Studies congratulated the members of both the Commerce and Cultural forums of the School on organising yet another successful edition of Anveshana.

Treasure hunt was a popular off stage event which attracted a number of participants. A total of 85 teams turned up to look out for a series of clues and get to the final destination to emerge victorious. Finally the team comprising Abdul Rehman and Vinay Kumar made it to the winners’ camp.

Pot Pourri was another interesting event which witnessed the age old popular dumb charades and games such as Pictionary and taboo. The audience had a good laugh as teams took to hilarious actions to explain concepts given by the organisers. In today’s mobile era, no fest can be complete without some usage of cell phones. These gadgets found their usage in the event called Texting. The participants had to show how fast they can type as they were given a paragraph to type on their mobile phones. No wonder the event was very popular with the young crowd. “We keep on texting our friends every other time but this was different. We had fun trying to move our fingers so fast as if our lives depended on it,” said Swetha Viswanath, a Commerce student who emerged winner.”


While texting caught fancy of the youngsters, those more inclined towards grammatical accuracy found themselves at Jam. The 10 participants of the event tested their wits and presence of mind against one another and delighted the audience with their agility. The fest had something for everyone. For those who love to act out a situation, there was Act and React where the participants had to enact and react to a situation given by the judges. For the ones who love the limelight, 30 Seconds to Fame was the most appropriate event. The participants were given a chance to showcase their talent within 30 seconds. Commerce student Anupam Sharma won both the events.
Camera lovers found their stage in Photography. Meghana Deepak who won the event said, “I was so excited to know that the competitions also include photographer. I love clicking picture and the theme Geometry gave me a lot of scope to experiment.” Cameras captured the most beautiful moments of the fest and colours came alive with Rangoli, the event where participants painstakingly gave expression to their ideas in hues of red, green, blue, yellow and a number of other colours.

Music, dance and charisma became a part of the fest in the form of competitive events dedicated to solo and group events. From the Indian ragas to the western harmony, music was infused in the fabric of the fest. Dance was not far behind as some energetic and soulful performances left the audience cheering. The crowning glory of the event came with Mr and Ms. Anveshana. These individuals were chosen on the basis of their wit, intelligence, presence of mind, spirit of adventure and overall personality. Crossing hurdles of the written tests, group discussion, stress interviews, outbound programmes and on stage performances, the students Harikrishnan and Priyamvada were chosen to be Mr and Ms Anveshana respectively.

It all came to an end with announcement of results amidst resounding applause from audience who stayed hooked to the festival till its very denouement.