Anumeha Verma
Published: February 2018

Dear Readers,
The chill of December and festive spirit that bursts from all corners comes with another cue. It surreptitiously reminds us that the curtain is about to be dropped on another year.

We have always believed that there is more to a New Year than just the clock striking twelve and our calendars sporting a different number. As a year departs and another one begins, there is an interlude, a period when the world takes a pause to look back and reflect. It is an important rung in the ladder to transition to the next year.

As we move forward into the month of January, we take a look back at 2017. The University’s vibrant tones are reflected in all its glory with a number of intellectual, academic, cultural and entertaining engagements held across its various schools and departments.

While looking back at the year, we also take a quick look at interplay of a number of human experiences and issues that are shaping our world in myriad ways. In Passing Through, we find glimpses of development from the vantage point of the writer visiting his homeland after a period of prolonged absence. We Care reflects on the need for education and ways in which the University is engaged in catering to it. Cross Section features Lt. Abhishek K.R., an alumni of the University whose zeal to serve the nation has taken him to the Indian Armed Forces.

The spotlight this month is on Paul Fernandes, an artist who effortlessly combines humour with his brushstrokes to create memorable artworks. Travel comes with a fresh breeze to take you to Hungary, a beautiful country waiting to be explored. Awaiting our readers in the Rear View is a an intriguing take on horror films. So, go on and enjoy the fare on offer!


 - Anumeha Verma is at present working with Jain University and believes that strategic communication plays a major role in solving development issues.