Deeksharambh an Induction Programme for Newly Joined Students

JU News Desk
Published: January 2020

Aptly titled, ‘Deeksharambh’, the annual induction programme for newly joined students of Jain (Deemed-to-be University) and their parents was organised.

A mandatory feature of the University Grants Commission (UGC) statutory requirements, the primary objective of the Induction Session was to inculcate universal human values – confidence, upright behaviour, non-violence and peaceful existence amongst newly joined students, their parents and benefactors. More specifically, the Induction Programme, as envisaged by the higher education regulator in the country served to introduce the students to the university routine – academics and personal endeavours, showcase facilities within the university such as library, information technology resources, and orient them to the examination regulations and expose them to various students services on campus.

Broadly, the induction programme offered guidance on course choices and specializations, while initiating the student registration processes, campus life, student forums, creating an atmosphere that would ease the initial anxiety, promote positive vibes and stimulate excitement for teaching and learning.

The induction programme featured presentations, activities and talks with new students expected to attend all the sessions which were divided into thematic sessions revolving around their life on campus. Also, it served to highlight the importance of a congenial atmosphere for students, their families and benefactors to meet the faculty, staff and current students, provide comprehensive information about the academic and student service resources and programmes, a session for both the students and their parents or guardians to enable them to understand the academic and student service resources and programs as well as the rules and regulations on campus. All the first year students attended the sessions that would also provide them excellent networking avenues besides bridge barriers with their seniors.

While the respective Deans of Faculties introduced the faculty members and briefed the participants about the rules and regulations of the University. The faculty members gave the students an overview of the course curriculum and assessment parameters. Directors of Campuses were also present to give an overview of the University, highlight the milestones and university’s contribution to higher education in particular, and the society in general.

In his inspirational address to the newly joined students, Dr. Chenraj Roychand- Chairman, Jain (Deemed-to-be University), highlighted the importance of setting academic goals and the role of co-curricular activities in the life of a student. Also in attendance was Dr. N. Sundararajan – Vice Chancellor, Dr. NVH Krishnan – Registrar, Shri R. Lakshminarayanan – Chief Strategy Advisor, iNurture Education Solutions and Dr. Sujay Nair – President – CraSA. The latter delivered a talk on digital mindsets and the need for learners to balance their social life with academics.

Conveners of various forums introduced the students to the clubs and forums in their respective campuses while the student welfare officers informed them about various welfare schemes and the dress code. The students were made aware of the existence of the Anti-Ragging Cell at the University and the helpline numbers shared with them for their use when in distress. Counsellors at the respective campuses also took special sessions for the students, briefing them on Counselling services available.

In between, there was an Ice–Breaker session designed to enable the students and faculty to get to know one another in a relaxed and friendly environment. These sessions helped the new students establish a friendly rapport with their faculty paving the way for interactive activities and fun games. The session featured peer interactions, marking the beginning of new relationships with classmates who would become an integral part of their life. Once the pleasantries were exchanged, a session on goal setting followed. The students were made aware that the potential to succeed was inherent in each of them and that all of them were destined for greater things in life as long as they truly put their minds to achieving their goals and working towards it with a clear focus and plan.

Later, the students would be given details of the placement activities, overview of job market, the need to develop required competencies to compete in the challenging labour market. The training schedule aimed at helping them get placement in their disciplines of their choices once they complete their studies. Further, information about the placement process, guidelines, major recruiters and previous years’ statistics were also shared with the students.

An exclusive session on communication skills followed. This session enabled the students understand the significance of effective communication in maintaining healthy and friendly relations in life. The session helped reinforce the fact that clear communication forms the basis of their social life at the University and beyond.

Thereafter, the session on Planning and Organising Skills, which focused not only on educating students to visualise their goals and the steps required to achieve them but also highlighted the importance of adaptability.

The final session was directed at equipping the participants with life skills. Overall, the induction programme would be considered a success in achieving its objectives.

At the end of it all, the newly joined students and their parents and sponsors found the presentations and activities to be interesting and beneficial. The sessions not only helped the newly joined students gain a foothold in a place that would be their home for the coming years but also created awareness on various issues. It is worth noting that the carefully curated proceedings of the day offered a smooth transition into a new phase of their lives.