Changing Dynamics in Education

Dr. N. Sundararajan
Published: August 2019
Vice-Chancellor Dr. N. Sundararajan

We believe in encouraging women. At JAIN, we provide equal opportunity to all our students and have our own band of young women who have made us proud.

Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of the facts, but training of the mind to think.”

Cultivating the mind to make life tolerable with the acquisition of skills is what real education must infer. Over the last few years, there has been an amplified realisation throughout the country that a relevant and the right kind of education are essential for a superior society and that the education provided must be based on the authentic environment and experience. Though a great number of experimentations in the process of education have been undertaken, the real needs for the universalisation of education are still not met. The draft of the new education policy speaks of this universalisation of higher education.

The new blueprint which speaks of the education system promoting active schooling emphasises the growth of fundamental capabilities, and comprehensive abilities including new age skills. If brought into existence, the liberal arts approach in higher education would be a benchmark and will no more be considered an exception, where multidisciplinary pedagogics not only profits the students but also the teaching community. The concept of multilingualism which is a welcome move, has been largely addressed in the draft and clearly exhibits the influence of language in a multilingual country like India.

Taking a step forward in the strategical plan on etymology and education, the draft serves as an appeal for a momentous streamlining of the educational system concentrating on high-quality teaching across disciplines, with substantial contribution to research. Featuring a strategic point of endorsing schooling in liberal arts as the foundation for advanced edification, will ensure a coherent shift from school to college to professional education and later to the learner’s career. The integration of skills in higher learning is vital to the changing dynamics of quality in education which will equip the students with crucial skills and knowledge sufficient to eradicate the lack of manpower in science, technology, academics and industry.

Let’s hope for a new educational policy structure capable of considerably revamping and rejuvenating India’s intricate education system.

Dr. N. Sundararajan
Vice Chancellor

 - Dr. N. Sundararajan is a well known academician and is the Vice Chancellor for Jain University