About aventure magazine

About Aventure Magazine

Aventure, the quarterly magazine of Jain University brings together a cornucopia of articles from all walks of life. It combines the vibrant cultural and academic life at Jain University with well crafted, engaging and entertaining features. Aventure stands for enterprise a befitting tribute to the traditions of innovations and novel undertakings at Jain University.

Aventure was launched in January 2009. The magazine soon became an expression of a number of activities that the students and academic fraternity of Jain University engage in throughout the year. Aventure also brings to its readers a cornucopia of select choices when it comes to features. There are several sections devoted to evocative, witty and informative features.

The magazine is so structured as to provide a comprehensive review of different campuses of Jain University with a section devoted to news and events. Articles in this section focus on events from various campuses. It also brings forth the latest trends in the world of education, experiences of people, current issues, latest career options, travelogues, commentaries and books. Any literary foray cannot survive in vacuum. It requires readers who stimulate debates, question practices, appreciate and offer invaluable suggestions. A special section in Aventure is dedicated to our readers and their feedbacks.

With a multi-dimensional approach touching on different aspects of life, the magazine caters to a wide readership and their interests. Flipping through Aventure, it is quite discernable that the magazine holds together several microcosms blending together to create a universe.