4th National Conference on HR 360 -Talent, Technology & Ideas

JU News Desk
Published: May 2019

Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organised the annual conclave ‘HR 360-Talent, Technology and Ideas’ at JGI Knowledge Campus on February 28, 2019. The national HR conference aimed at transforming the paradigms and perspectives about HR profession.

Dr. NVH Krishnan – Registrar of JAIN delivered the inaugural address. In his address, Krishnan highlighted the achievements of JAIN in sports, entrepreneurship and NCC and also mentioned the challenges faced by HR in handling the millennial workforce.

Ms. Vaijayanthi – General Manager HR, Samsung in her key note address talked about “The challenges of new generation (young millennials) and future of work.” Talking about millennials, she said that the perception of millennials is different from that of other generations. “Millennials – or generation Y as they are also known – are generally considered to be born between 1980 and 1995. They are the generation that has grown up with communication platforms like Facebook and Instagram.” Millennial generation expects a good value system rather than looking for the organisation, salary and other criteria and their expectation relies on employee engagement and value retention.

The keynote address was followed by a panel discussion on “Evolution and revolution of talented workforce entering the future workplace – Are we ready?” The panel was moderated by Dr. Rajdeep K Manwani. Mr. Naga Siddarth – Head HR, Vedantu; Mr. Ranjith K P – HR Director, Fortinet India ; Mr. Shama Sundar – CEO & President, PCS – HR Future Orbit Legal Advisory; Mr. Major Bhargava – Executive Director, XHire HR Consulting; and Dr. Subramani Ramakrishnan – R&M Program Lead, IBM Client Innovation Centre were the speakers for the session.

Mr. Naga Siddarth shared his views saying “Millennials get to do what they love to do.” As the generation changes, there is a change in maintenance cost as well. As AI systems, robotics and cognitive tools grow in sophistication, almost every job is being reinvented, creating what many call the “augmented workforce.” He also remarked that organisations must accommodate changing workforce needs.

Discussing the genetic diversity in HR, Dr. Subramani Ramakrishnan said that there is a connection and understanding between Generation X and Z. HR should be prepared for the future and organisations should experiment and implement cognitive tools, focus heavily on retraining people to use these tools, and rethink the role of people as more and more work becomes automated.

Mr. Ranjith emphasised on the disruptive talent requisition in workforce. He also said that the skills required should be updated to match technological advancement and innovation. Leaders need to leverage every advantage at their disposal – including one which risks being overlooked, as companies focus on technology investment; ensuring that people are relevant and adaptable to rise to the challenge of this new revolution.
Focusing on HR and Analytics, Mr. Shama Sundar stated that there should be awareness on design thinking and learning of new paradigms with in depth search knowledge. He emphasised on skills such as empathy, communication, persuasion, personal service, problem solving and strategic decision, which are more valuable than ever.

Major Bhargava shared his views on Psychological progress, Economical progress and Technological progress for HR. HR leaders should focus on defining the difference between essential human skills such as creative and ethical thinking, and nonessential tasks which can be managed by machines. This requires reframing careers and designing new ways of working and new ways of learning – both in organisations and as individuals.

The plenary session was followed by a question and answer segment, which threw up questions about CSR initiatives and inclusion of HR; if technology will disrupt job availability in the near future; and if social media can be a motivating factor in the current trend.

Dr. Easwaran Iyer – Dean, Commerce & Director- Placements, JAIN, Dr. B T Venkatesh – Advisor, Examinations, and Dr. B A Vasu – Director, School of Commerce, JAIN were the chief guests of the valedictory function.